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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Post by T_1K » Tue May 12, 2020 4:39 pm

Q: Is the server 24/7 ? :watch:
A: Survival Story is on 24/7. The server reboots at around 4:10am for maintenance which takes about 1-2 minutes.

Q: How do I get to the wild? :grass:
A: From /spawn you can either walk out of the area and start exploring, or you could use /wild to teleport to a random location. Each player gets 5 uses of /wild.

Q: How do i become a moderator? :bookcase:
A: Our moderators are generally picked from our regular players that show maturity and helpfulness towards other players. You are also welcome to post your interest in becoming a moderator so that we know it is something you would like to pursue.

Q: How do you make money? :diamondgem:
A: Selling items at the Auction House or in the Stock Market is a good way to make money. You could also sell items or services directly to who can use /pay <playername> to transfer funds.

Q: Can I join someone's base? :woodensword:
A: If you want to join a claim, the owner of the claim must give you /trust permission. This is entirely up to the parties involved and is only recommended if you TRUST the person you are giving permission to.

Q: How long do claims last? :goldshovel:
A: Claims will stay until the player that owns them does not log on for 90 days. After that time the claim will expire and will no longer be owned.

Q: What do I do if I come across an unclaimed house? :goldshovel:
A: If you come across a claim that isnt protected, make sure that the player didn't accidentally miss some of their house. If there are no signs of any claims. It is most likely that the claim expired. If you are in doubt, our admin staff will be able to check for signs of activity at the house.

Q: How far down does my claim go? :goldshovel:
A: When you initially set your claim, your claim will extend 5 blocks down from the lowest corner. This will keep moving lower down as you build/remove blocks in lower layers and will always extend 5 blocks down from the lowest place you build/remove blocks.

Q: Who keeps following/appearing around me? :diamondsword:
A: This is a check as part of our anti-cheat to detect combat cheats and can be ignored.

Q: Is it ever night? :watch:
A: We do have a full day/night cycle. When staff around, you will generally find that time is changed to day as the general consensus is for day. If you are needing a bit of night, let us know and we can accommodate for this.

Q: How old is the server? :furnacesmelting:
A: Survival-Story opened on September 29th 2019.

Q: Is there a PVP server? :ironsword:
A: Survival-Story is PVP enabled, we will look at making a dedicated Kit PVP server in the future.